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Real-time face detection

We provide real-time audience targeting through face detection with our screen-based out-of-home solution. adpack identifies persons in front of a screen by age and gender and plays targeted content. With our feature Hyperlocal persons are able to interact through Wifi to get coupons with no need to login or download an application.

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The combination of strengths

With its screen-based out-of-home solution adpack solves one of the classic problems of offline advertising. The adpack technology bundles the strenghts of both offline- and online advertising into a new channel.

Systems installed


Clients and Partners

Offline advertising

reaches customers where they live and work, to immediately influence decisions at the point of sale. Common examples are: billboards, magazines or advertising columns.

Online advertising

offers pinpoint realtime targeting and measurability of campaigns. This includes banners, pop-ups, native advertisements or microsites.

The adpack system

With its screen- and Wifi-based out-of-home solution adpack solves one of offline advertising’s classic problems. The adpack technology bundles the strenghts of both offline- and online advertising into a new channel.

Key features

This set of core features makes the adpack technology unique:

Programmatic Approach

We provide real time analytical and demographical data, that enables an option of real-time bidding in digital-out-of-home.

Real Time Targeting

We help brands and agencies to create real-time targeted interactive projects for different age and gender audience groups.

Audience Measurement

We make your digital-out-of-home audience clear and easy to define, just like online. Measure your audience by using face recognition.

Detailed Reporting

With our backend you are able to monitor your campaigns in real-time and evaluate them effectively.

Customer Analytics

We provide detailed and reliable evaluations of your audience. 


Our system has been checked and approved under data protection law.

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