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Intelligent environment

The adpack technology constitutes the emergence of the „intelligent environment“ in which devices and sensors are connected to each other. It comprises machine learning, pattern recognition and face recognition plus technologies to establish direct customer or customer device feedback channels. This technology will become empathetic and adapt to peoples preferences and needs and will become life / shopping assistants.

Online / Offline

As online and offline are moving closer together (eg onliners using their knowledge of customer prefrences to enter the space of traditional retail) knowledge of the customer as well as targeted communication at the point of sale become increasinlgy important. Customers want to be independent and flexible as well as be perceived and targeted as individuals with unique needs and preferences. The various manifestations of individualization and the tools of the „Data Era“ converge and find solutions for the digital, individualized customer targeting at the onsite point of sale or point of interest.

Increase Sales

Placing the communicational content in the right context and targeting the right needs will optimize communication decisions resulting in higher conversion and return of investment. The real-time connectivity of this marketing technology allows for optimization of the communication in the offline space to increase revenues, as it is currently only know in the online world. Out of home drive-to-store messages, onsite image/branding campaigns as well as pure sales increase initiatives, couponing or loyalty programs are being analyzed and optimized in real-time.

benefits for clients

The adpack solution utilizes various sensor technologies to divide existing and potential customers into groups of similar individuals, helping retailers and brands to target audience based on specific characteristics and needs states. Insights from segmentation are used to support marketing strategy development, in-store / near-store advertising, product bundling and product or service positioning at the PoS.